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Can a stainless steel lunch box be microwaved?

2023-11-23 09:54:00

  Typically, stainless steel lunchboxes are not suitable for heating directly in the microwave. Stainless steel is a metallic material that causes reflection and concentration of microwaves, which may damage the microwave or cause a fire.

  If you want to use a stainless steel lunch box for heating, it is best to transfer the food to a microwave-safe glass, ceramic or food-grade plastic container first. This ensures that the food will be heated evenly and will not pose a health risk.

Stainless steel lunch box

  Also, regardless of the type of lunchbox, whether it is stainless steel, plastic or otherwise, check that it is labeled as microwave safe before heating. Follow the instructions and precautions to ensure the safety of you and your children.


Stainless steel lunch box
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