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Soup bowl lunch box

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Product selling point

PP+silicone material,colorless, no need to screw the cap design,just open the handle or put down the handle to close it.

lt has the function of heatpreservation and maintainsthe quality of food.

food grade 304 stainless

steel material

Silicone sealed ring100% leak proof.

Tritan,BPA free

Children can use it with peace ofmind.

Support color and pattern customization, you can choose yourfavorite color and pattern and contact us.

Portable design, especially convenient for dining with you. The extra grid can be used for seasoning and dipping sauces.

Two different compartments for work and school can store cream and yogurt.

Creative Aohea design adult bento box-removable and removable; Bentobox consists of two containers, which can also be used separately.

Usage of the food box

Double-layered lunch box--refers to a two-layered lunch box, one for food and one for vegetables. This kind of lunch box is not only popular, but also a fashion icon. Double-layer lunch boxes are mainly made of plastic lunch boxes. In addition to plastic, there are tinplate stainless steel, but this kind is rare. The plastic lunch box is not only convenient to carry, but also contains many popular elements, such as color, there are many kinds of styles, and there are many kinds, and the other is the pattern of the box body.

Sense of luxury

Peach blossom-like pink and white color matching, with light gray decorative handles. The combination of powder and ash suddenly added a sense of luxury. For office workers, in addition to the pursuit of beauty, they must also meet the needs of commuting. With this in mind, it is designed to be light and compact, weighing only 1.36 kg, less than three kilograms, and it is easy to take away with one hand when you go out everyday.




Packing MethodPC/per Master carton
主图3.jpgSoup bowl lunch box1720ml700Polybag20Pcs

Soup bowl lunch box

Soup bowl lunch box

Soup bowl lunch box

Soup bowl lunch box

Soup bowl lunch box

Soup bowl lunch box

Soup bowl lunch box

Soup bowl lunch box


Soup bowl lunch box
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